Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monumental Movie Experience

I took my son with me to see the movie Monumental last night.  It turned out to be perfect timing as the movie coincides beautifully with what he is learning now in history.

While more of a documentary, the movie stars Kirk Cameron as he takes us through his journey to discovering what makes America's freedom so unique.  Kirk's journey begins in England, takes him to Amsterdam, proceeds  to Plymouth, then to Texas on to Boston and ends in Washington, D.C.

We learn about the impetus for the Pilgrim's journey first to Holland and then America.  One item that really struck me was that 6 or 7 people survived the Pilgrim's first Winter in America.  The captain of the Mayflower was leaving after the harsh Winter to return to England and those brave individuals resolved to stay in the foreign land.  If not for them then America would not be in existence.

While in Plymouth, Kirk is taken to a monument by Dr. Marshall Foster.  It is the National Monument to the Forefathers.  It is the largest granite monument in America at 81 feet in height.  It is not an often visited monument.  I was last in Plymouth in 1997 and I didn't see it or hear about it.  It certainly should be more well known.

The monument is breath taking.  Not only is it's size impressive but the principles it portrays are truly spectacular.  The monument is comprised of statues representing the principles of Faith, Education, Law, Morality and Liberty.  Dr. Marshal Foster's description of it as the "matrix of freedom" is an excellent one.

After "stumbling" across that monument, Kirk questions why we don't know about that monument and are not more aware of the virtues it extols.  This question leads him to David Barton (I've learned more about true American history from Mr. Barton than I did in all my school years).  Mr. Barton has the largest collection of primary source documents from the late 18th Century and early 19th Century.  Mr. Barton explains to Kirk that there was a whole generation of individuals that purposely misrepresented (to put it nicely) America's founding era history.

Kirk then travels to Boston in search of information regarding education in America.  From there, he ends his journey in Washington, D.C.

As Kirk Cameron discovered, America's greatness grew from true principles implanted in the hearts of Puritans. That group of separatists put those principles into action and founded what would become America.

The blueprint has been laid down for us.  All we have to do is choose to follow it.  All to often in the past 100 years we have allowed people in positions of trust to lead us blindly away from America's foundational truths.  Only a return to the daily implementation of those truths will lead America back to true, unwavering liberty.

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